PCX was recently featured on 11Alive about how we are teaching young people of color how to think outside the "console" box. Research shows 68 percent of the people making the games are men -- most of them are white. However, Erich and Jakita Thomas are trying to change that.


"It actually gives them the opportunity to be exposed to things that will help get them out of those situations," Erich said. "To help them see what's on the other side of being a success. That's what we really want to do and that's really what we take heart in."


As we continue to reach to local communities and engage them , we want to thank those who have supported us and have helped spread our message. If you have a passion for gaming, know that there are many pathways to become more involved in something you love! Please don't hesitate to reach out to us to learn how.


Be sure to check out the video here!